Nov. 11, 2021

November 10 2021 - Ben Kuzma (The Province), Darren Dreger (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Ben Kuzma of Post Media joined Matt and Blake. Says the Canucks are trending in the right directions. They’re not giving up blowout losses, they’re not giving up 40 shots. Arguably the best effort vs the Ducks. Gibson is their kryptonite. They’re turning a corner and not headed for a wall. Good news in Denver for the team is that MacKinnon is out. It’s kind of funny, we have bubble Demko and Horvat looking like the guy in the bubble as well. When you start to get your key players going. Talked about Podkolzin going on the PK. Would like to think that we see Motte on this trip. Didn’t think the team would come back from being down 2-0. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to have a 2 goal lead going into the third?.. The Canucks are still finding their way, 13 games in they should not still be looking. Talked about when we might see Motte. If he is a betting man, he would say by the weekend. Talked about Sutter. The fact he hasn’t skated yet is a cautionary point. Doesn’t think we will see him anytime soon. Talked about about Rathbone. 

Darren Dreger, of the Ray and Dregs Podcast joined Matt and Blake for his weekly hit. He admired their work at the grand prize home. Started off by talking about Bob Murray and his trouble in Anaheim. There is a good Bob and a bad Bob. He gets into peoples face, texting and emails and all that kind of stuff. His sense is that has been out there for awhile. Believes that an internal NHL memo regarding the Blackhawks pushed Ducks employees to come forward. We would be nieve to think that there won’t be anyone else. Talked about why Nonis didn’t get the temp job while Murray investigation continues. Talked about Colliton getting fired. Talked about if he has heard any rumblings within Canucks ownership. Not getting the sense that there is anything twitchy going on.  

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