Nov. 2, 2021

November 1 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Trent Cull (Abbotsford Canucks Head Coach)

Charean Williams, Football Hall of Fame Writer joined for her weekly appearance. Talked about the Broncos. Says she doesn’t know what they are doing. A really strange couple of weeks and doesn’t know if they are buyers or sellers. Talked about the Von Miller trade. Doesn’t know if it vaults the Rams into favourites. It puts pressure on other teams to go out and make moves. Thinks that the best teams are in the NFC right now. Thinks that there were more teams in on Von Miller. Talked about Mike Holmgren and his hall of fame eligibility. The format changed a couple of years ago when coaches had to compete against players. Talked about the Monday Nighter.

John Shannon, Co-Host of the Bob McCown Podcast joined the guys. Nothing to talk about today, though… started off by talked about where the Canucks fall into league standings. Talked about Travis Hamonic and his status. Someone who watches a game in Detroit without a mask and vaccine. There is a difference between a working environment and an entertainment environment, even though they walk through the same door. Talked about Pettersson and his struggles. Talked about Don Fehr and if he still keeps his job. Thinks he will make it through the day, at the very least. The Players are clear that they want answers and accountability. There is enough responsibility to go around. This just might speed up the inevitable. Didn’t think he’d be around to the summer. Talked bout who might replace Fehr. Gillis is the obvious one and would be a step up. Would not surprise John if Glen Healy was a candidate at some point. Says that he is a smart guy. They need leadership first. If you want a lawyer, you can always hire one. Talked about Gary Bettman. Says he is the ultimate politician. Thinks the fine to the Blackhawks should have been upwards of 10 million dollars. Talks about why draft picks weren’t taken away. Says that Gary don’ts want to punish a new management team, 

The head coach of the Abbotsford Canucks, Trent Cull joined Matt and Blake after a busy weekend for the club. Started off by talking about how Abbotsford has been. Says it has been fantastic with fans right from the anthem to the game. Talked abut Travis Hamonic. Says he is a good person and a great pro. It’s great for the team to be around a guy who has been in the NHL as long as he has. Had him going in all situations. He was a consummate pro in his short time there. Talked about getting Jack Rathbone. Doesn’t have any preconceived notions. You never know about a guy whether he is firing mad coming down. One thing for sure is that they will get him on the ice and working. Talked about the benefits of Abby from a players standpoint. Will be fantastic to get guys in the lineup on the day of transaction. Talked about the weekend. Didn’t like their start first game vs Ontario. Loved the 5 v 5 the second night, was a shame to give up two PP early in the game. Talked about Klimovich. Says it’s great first and foremost to get out of living in a hotel. They’ve worked on his wall-work and has already seen it in the game. Trying to get him up and running as much as they can at the pro-level. Talked about potentially sending him to the press box to take a breath, hit the reset button. That’s something that everyone goes through. They are pretty lean up front so everyone there will get a chance to play.

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