Dec. 31, 2021

Mikael Samuelsson

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Mikael Samuelsson joined Matt and Blake to talk about his time as a Canucks and in the NHL. He started off by talking about what he is up to these days and what he likes to do in the game of hockey. Mikael talked about the early days of his hockey playing life and where he learned the basics and how much he loved being out on the ice. Mikael talked about how he never really thought he would make a career for himself in the NHL and why he didn't think it would happen. He talked about his early playing days in Sweden.

He told an interesting story going up against the Sedin twins before they came to Vancouver. Following that Mikael talked about the San Jose team he cracked into the NHL with before he was traded to Broadway to suit up for the New York Rangers. He talked about the names like Messier, Bure and Lindros that he got to play with. Also talking about what it was like to play with Mario Lemieux and score his first goal against Patrick Roy. He talked about some of the downs in his career and how the lockout was actually a big boost to get over some injuries. Saying that it was perfect timing for him. He talked about playing in Detroit and winning a Stanley Cup there. Mikael talked about why he was attracted to Vancouver and how he thought he could help. He talked about how he was able to get his voice heard in the dressing room, being able to teach the younger players about keeping it cool. 


Talked about his playoff runs with the Canucks and why he had to pull out of the 2011 run while they were playing Nashville. Mikael talked about how hard it was to watch Game 7 from the press box and how he wishes he could have had a chance to play in the series. He talked about why he was so upset with Canucks managment for trading him to Florida for David Booth. Mikael talked about why he was so upset with the Swedish National Program and not making the Olympic team in 2010.

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