May 9, 2022

May 9 2022 - John Shannon

The Welcome Matt is on Barry Trotz and his availability after being fired in Long Island. 

NHL Insider, John Shannon joined Matt and Blake to start the week. Talked about Barry Trotz being out of work for the time being. Talked about what led to the decision. Missing the playoffs is important to Lou. Wouldn’t be surprised if Torts name starts popping up. Has not been on the TV side of things. Would almost go with Matt’s money to the bank, that he will be back in the NHL next year. Not buying that Trotz wants to go into management. Coaches want to coach. We will start to hear Joel Quenneville very soon. Talked about Kuzmenko meeting and Bruce being involved. Talked about draft lottery show. Says it is content. 

The Price is Right on the level of talent the NHL has on defence and what that means for Quinn Hughes and if he could ever win a Norris Trophy.

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