May 8, 2021

May 7 2021

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It’s a celebratory show as we celebrate what would have been the 20 year anniversary of Team/TSN 1040 sports talk radio.

The Welcome Matt features a special appearance from legendary sportscaster David Pratt. Big Daddy shares his story and his favourite moments while working at 1040. 

One of the founders of 1040 Tom Mayenknecht follows and explains just how the station came to fruition and why the late Paul Carson and Tom thought that sports talk radio could work in Vancouver.

Our Friday Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal joins next. Dhali was a day one employee at 1040 and once had a legendary night in Vegas that will live forever in Vancouver sports talk lore. 

Iain McLetchie follows a condensed version of Tell Me I’m Wrong and divulges what 1040 had planned for the 20 year anniversary and his tales during his 15+ years working at the station.

Jeff Paterson joins for his last hit of the week. J Pat was also a long time 1040 employee who saw and did almost everything at the station over his two stints, including doing play-by-play for a boxing match at the River Rock. 

We play Hot Take for the last time this week, where Andrew drops a take that Matt and Blake just can’t wrap their heads around.

Errors and Omissions wraps up the show as we head into the weekend. 


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