May 6, 2021

May 5 2021

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Another day, more crazy news coming out of the NHL.

The Welcome Matt breaks down what it’s going to take for the Canucks to move their AHL team to Abbotsford. 

Colin Stephenson from Newsday in New York fills us in on what exactly is happening with the Rangers after the organization parted ways unexpectedly with president John Davidson and general manager Jeff Gorton earlier in the day. 

Former Abbotsford Heat play-by-play announcer Brandon Astle follows Hashtags and tells us that he always felt that the Canucks would move their AHL farm team one day to the Fraser Valley. 

The Price is Right asks why not give young goaltender Mikey DiPietro a shot before the Canucks season comes to a close. 

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and gives his take on the wild Rangers-Capitals game that featured six fights, including a line brawl, in the first five minutes of the game. J Pat also elaborated on the Canucks moving their farm team to Abbotsford, and how he feels that it is a good business move for the Aquilini family. 

Hot Take Wednesday and Errors and Omissions wraps up the show. 

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