May 4, 2022

May 4 2022 - Darren Dreger, Jeff Paterson & Matt Baker

Our Wednesday insider, Darren Dreger, joined for his regular hit. Surprise surprise! It was Boudreau wall to wall. Talked about who could potentially replace Boudreau. Dregs would say that Maurice would be a long shot. PM would be super selective with where he wants to go, at this point in his life. It has to fit his surroundings. 

JPat in his regular spot. Talked about Boudreau and the artificial deadline his camp has put out. Says that it is on management to get better players than if Bruce is here, that’s on him to get the most out of them. Would like to think that there is a pretty solid hockey mind there, outside of the jolly guy we get to know in the media. Talked about JT Miller and when he would likely be traded, if at all. Says it will complicate matters 

Our newest colleague here at Go Goat Sports, Matt Baker, with the 1st and Now Podcast, joined Matt and Blake to talk about bit about the show and the BC Lions as a whole.

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