May 30, 2022

May 30 2022 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson

Our Monday NHL Insider, John Shannon, joined Matt and Blake. Talked about how long it could be till we see the Stanley Cup awarded. Could be at it to just before July. Talked about the Oilers travel plans. Needed to fly to Vancouver, bus to Bellingham and fly to Denver from there. Talked about what a Matthew Tkachuk contract would look like. You know the Tkachuk family will stick to their guns and do what they think is right. Wonders if MT will be given an offer sheet. You have to wonder if in this day and age, if he would be worth the return. Talked about the Rangers. Talked about goals off the skate. Said that even Blake Coleman redirected his skate. People John has talked to at the league office say that not moving your skate off the ice can still be a direct kicking motion. Said it was a unanimous decision that goal did not pass the smell test.Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson, joined us just as news broke about Canucks management additions. Talked about Daniel and Henrik working daily with Canucks players in Vancouver and Abbotsford. Jeff says something has changed with them moving to more of an on-ice roll when they have joked in the past about not going back on the ice. Talked about Mikael Samuelsson and Mike Komisarek. Those names, along with the Sedin brothers are some pretty good hockey brains to pick. Talked about the constant presence of Henrik and Daniel. Thinks that they want to soak up everything they can and are still trying figure out what works best for them. Maybe they’ve come to the conclusion that they want to get more hands on.

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