May 4, 2021

May 3 2021

Another week and boy is there a lot of news to get to! 

After some pleasantries exchanged about how everyone spent their weekend, Sekeres dives into the Welcome Matt, which unpacks the Jake Virtanen allegations, Nikita Tryamkin sticking in the KHL, and just how much of a disaster this season has been for the Canucks organization on and off the ice. 

Patrick Johnston from The Province joins next and begins by stating what he’s been hearing about the sexual misconduct allegations Virtanen has been accused of. PJ feels that this is the end of Virtanen’s time with the organization, while also questioning how the team handled the release on the Virtanen news, wondering why no one from the management side or ownership spoke on the allegations. The interview wraps with PJ’s thoughts on Tryamkin signing back in the KHL.

Our Monday NHL insider John Shannon follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and lets us in on what he’s been hearing from the NHL in regard to the Virtanen investigation. John also suggests that all the teams in the league will play out their seasons, as it will cost money for the games not to be played. 

The Price is Right looks at the lack of playoff races in all of the divisions in the NHL. 

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and begins by stating that he thinks the Virtanen’s days as a Vancouver Canuck are over. J Pat also goes over just how dire things are getting for the Canucks forward group, who now have eight players upfront that are on the injury list, and why he thinks that Tryamkin’s decision to stay in Russia has nothing to do with the Canucks current coaching staff. 

We play Memo To on a Monday and wrap up the show with all the Errors and Omissions. 

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