May 25, 2022

May 25 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

Our Wednesday NHL insider, and host of the Ray and Dregs Podcast, Darren Dreger, joined Matt and Blake. Talked about the re-signing of JT Miller. Believes there is an openness from the Canucks standpoint to listen to all offers. Thinks the Vancouver Canucks aren’t totally set on which way they want to go. Doesn’t believe any decisions are made in the front office. Talked about the Ottawa Senators and putting the 7th overall pick in play. Sens need to make a leap forward, not a step forward. Talked about the kind of player you need to balance skill with grit in the playoffs. Talked about the Vancouver coaching staff that has been depleted now. Knows there is a history with Scott Walker and Rutherford. Talked about the process of bringing in assistant coaches. Says that management is getting more involved because you want to push your coaches a little bit more. If management feels there is a weakness with their head coach, you want to bring in someone with that strength. Talked about the chance of one of Bruce’s friends, like John Anderson, would come to Vancouver. Dregs would be surprised based on the changes they’ve already made and the direction of this team. They are looking forward, not looking in the rearview mirror.

Jeff Paterson joined for his daily hit. He talked about what the Vancouver Canucks should do with JT Miller. JPat is in the camp that thinks that Miller will start the season elsewhere. Talked about the Scott Walker interview that he feels pulled the curtain back on internal conversations the Canucks have had on him. Talked about Scott Walker and his hate for analytics. JPat found them to be pretty ignorant comments. He is on the wrong side of the argument in 2022. Curious comments from a guy who is still involved in the game. Talked about Linus Karlsson and if we will see him in North America, in a Canucks jersey. Talked about the Canucks turning their back on local players in the draft. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

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