May 24, 2022

May 24 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

Patrick Johnston of the Province joined Matt and Blake for his regular Tuesday hit. Talked a lot of coaching. Started with the departure of Scott Walker. Talked about the rest of the staff and who will fall into what position. Talked about the Shaw influence when Walker went down with vertigo and Covid. Thinks that Shaw could be the new number 2. King made a difference on the PP. Talked about the investing the club has made in goaltending. Talked about team photos.  Talked about the digital insertion of Dax Aquilini. Said they air-brushed the A’s off the jersey’s. It’s only Horvat with the C. Talked about what is coming up in the Province. Working on a Gino story as he gets into the BC Sports Hall of Fame. 


JPat with his daily hit on the Vancouver Canucks. Talked about the coaching shuffle and the odd time it was released. They may scale back on the amount of coaches but these slots will be filled. Brought up the name, John Anderson, as a potential fit on the bench for the Canucks. He is BB’s best friend. Talked about Evander Kane. Has firmly been in the no-camp. Gives him credit for sticking to hockey and not hearing anything about off-ice issues. Wonders if you are asking for trouble that the Sharks did going with a long-term contract. Talked about the Florida Panthers and getting swept by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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