May 22, 2021

May 21 2021

Big day in Canucks land, so much to unpack! 

The Welcome Matt wonders why the messaging from the Canucks is suddenly to just make the playoffs. 

We hear from Travis Green and Jim Benning from their presser today. 

Rick Dhaliwal follows and breaks down the Green contract extension, while also giving his thoughts on what we heard from Benning and his plan for the Canucks this offseason, including whether or not the Sedins’ would be a good fit for the front office. 

The Price is Right takes a look at the poor product the Canucks have put on the ice over the last season and wonders if it could risk peoples interest in hockey entirely. 

Jeff Paterson follows Tell Me I’m Wrong for his final hit before the long weekend and wonders how Benning is going to back up his statement of being aggressive this offseason, when there is very little wiggle room with the salary cap. J Pat also elaborates on the crazy news cycle over the past week surrounding the Canucks, from Geoff Courtnall to the Sedins’ to Green’s extension and so on. 

We play Hot Take for one last time this week, and then head off into the long weekend with all the Errors and Omissions. 






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