May 21, 2021

May 20 2021

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Big show with so much to get into including Canucks players meeting with the media today for their end of year presser. Lots to unpack from that, plus the first round of the PGA Championship, where a Canadian sits atop the leaderboard.

The Welcome Matt keys in on Travis Green, who appears to be returning to behind the bench for the Canucks next season. Matt asks was it worth letting Green twist in the wind as a lame duck head coach to save a few dollars?

Our Thursday Canucks insider Thomas Drance joins after Hashtags (the best and worst of Twitter), and gives his thoughts on the Canucks bringing back Jim Benning and the rumour that Travis Green is going to get an extension from the club.

The Price is Right focuses on the unprecedented leash the Canucks have given Benning. 

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and explains how the Canucks players all went to bat for Travis Green today during the end of the year presser. J Pat gives his opinion on whether or not he thinks that Nate Schmidt is one of the players Elliotte Friedman is reporting that has requested a trade, and if he thinks the Sedin’s will join the front office. 

Take 5 involves a debate about whether or not the Canucks should re-sign Alex Edler.

We wrap things up with all the Errors and Omissions. 



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