May 18, 2022

May 18 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

Our NHL insider, Darren Dreger, joined for his regular Wednesday hit. Talked about Bruce coming back. Says that ownership was starting to get ancy. Not that there was any bad blood. Bruce was still under contract, so BB camp couldn’t make any calls around the league. Dregs thinks that Bruce went about it the right way. Says he was right to go with what he had. Was on the outside for a long time before Francesco reached out to him. Talked about JT Miller. Hard to be critical of his play this last season. Not sure how many calls management fielded on Miller this past season. Though, we were talking about it most of the year. The interest was there. Talked about cap space. Thinks that ARI and BUF are teams that might want to take on more cap. Thinks there could be more player movement this summer than we have seen in past years. Talked about PIT. Their new ownership group gets very involved. Not saying that is problematic but when your owner is more involved and wants to engage more in hockey decisions, that can be problematic. Talked about the possibility of Malkin to SEA.JPat for his daily hit. Still catching his breath after watching COL in OT last night. Talked about the SA by dmen. Answered the poll question. Doesn’t think that Canucks vs Kraken can ever be the battle of Alberta. Talked about the grit that could happen in CAL v EDM. Talked about the Canucks draft position. Doesn’t think there is any appetite to move up. Talked about the need to bring more sandpaper to their game. Luke Schenn and Kyle Burroughs bring it. Thinks they could probably use another guy to help clear guys out of the front of the net.

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