May 19, 2021

May 18 2021

Big news surrounding the Canucks today, as it’s being reported that the team is in discussions with Daniel & Henrik Sedin about joining the organization's front office in some sort of capacity.

The Welcome Matt dives into that report, unveiling what Matt has been hearing about the possibility of an advisory team that would consist of the Sedins amongst others. Matt also heard there will be changes on the business side of the organization. 

Harman Dayal from the Athletic follows Hashtags (the best and worst of Twitter) and wonders with all the news that’s swirling around the Canucks today, what does that mean for Jim Benning’s future with the club? Harman gives his insight on the status of goaltender coach Ian Clark, and breaks down how Will Lockwood looked in his NHL debut.

The Price is Right focuses on how much further away the Canucks are from not being a Stanley Cup contender, but just being a playoff team that can win a round in the postseason.

Jeff Paterson joins to talk about the news of the day, wondering why the Canucks continue to try to bring in ex-players that have no NHL management experience. J Pat points out that the organization can’t use the excuse of COVID being the downfall to the Canucks season. He also reacts live to Elliotte Friedman’s tweet stating that Benning will be back next season as the general manager of the Canucks. 

Hot Take Tuesday gets spicy. We wrap up the show with all the Errors and Omissions. 



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