May 17, 2022

May 17 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

Patrick Johnston joined for his regular Tuesday appearance, without Molly, this time… Talked about assistant coaches. Talked about support staff that had been let go. Talked about sleep cycle and the difference between managing in the East compared to the West.

Jeff Paterson joined for his daily hit. Answered the poll question on what the Canucks need the most. Talked about recent Stanley Cup champions and how many goals they score in the regular season, compared to the rest of the league. Highlighted an LA Kings team that played the same 6 defensemen through the entire playoffs. Wondered if that team would hold up it today’s game. Doesn’t know if they would hold up but they would be a hell of a tough out. Talked about bringing Pens players in. Wouldn’t be shocked but doesn’t anticipate any of the big boys coming over. Talked about Canuck draft picks to have won a Stanley Cup. It’s not a lot…

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