May 16, 2022

May 16 2022 - Jeff Paterson & John Shannon

Jeff Paterson, fresh off vacation, joined up to talk about the news in the Canucks. Thinks there needs to be some more work for the Canucks to be compared to a team like the Rangers. Talked about Bruce Boudreau coming back. Doesn’t think he strung the Canucks along, his concerns were justified. He wanted to make sure his mom and the hockey team he owns are all taken care of. Wondered why Bruce wouldn’t have called the Canucks himself and instead left it up to his agent to let them know he was coming back. Talked about the medical staff. Talked about the battle of Alberta.
Our Monday regular, John Shannon, joined us after a weekend of Game 7’s. The 5 game 7’s in hockey compared to the NBA’s is no competition. Says our game is so exciting right now. On the edge, every night. Talked about McDavid and his series. Says it is the best he has ever seen him playing going back to his 16 year old year in the OHL. Talked about the battle of Alberta. Wants it to go 9. The variables are McDavid and Markstrom/Smith. All Mike has done is stop the puck. Talked about Bruce Boudreau. Says there has to be an evolution to his game if he wants to continue in today’s game. Talked about the assistant coaches. Thinks that Scott Walker is the safest. These are the growing pains when you change management. Talked about the support staff. Suspects that both players and coaches could have played a part in the releasing of them. Talked about JT Miller. There weren’t many long term deals in PIT. Talked about where Trotz could go. He has connections to both Vegas and WPG.

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