May 13, 2021

May 12 2021

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It’s a special day for us, as Jeff Paterson sits in to co-host the entire show.

The Welcome Matt warns the Canucks that they’re trending in the direction of the Buffalo Sabres, and that players these days won’t hesitate to force their way out if things continue to go down hill. 

We give J Pat centre stage throughout the first two hours, with a deep dive conversation on the plight of the Canucks this season and just how important this upcoming offseason is for the organization. 

TSN director of scouting Craig Button joins to kick off the third hour, and gives his analysis on 15-year old Connor Bedard, who shined for Canada at the U18 world championship. Craig’s latest “Craig’s List” is out, and he gives his breakdown of who he feels will be the top prospects in this years NHL entry draft, while also giving us a preview of some of the series he’s looking forward to in the first round of the NHL playoffs. 

We play Hot Take on a Wednesday and it gets spicy between Sekeres and Wadden. The show wraps up with the Errors and Omissions. 

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