May 10, 2023

May 10 2023 - Macklin Celebrini & Darren Dreger

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) fills in for a vacationing Matt Sekeres. JPat & Blake get into the reports of teams asking the Canucks for picks to take on Conor Garland's contract, how the Canucks could create cap space this summer, and J.T. Miller attempt at qualifying for the U.S Open. We hear from you, the audience, in our now-weekly 'To The People We Go segment.' Local boy Macklin Celebrini stops by for a fun chat on Connor Bedard, being a top prospect for next year's 2024 NHL Draft and growing up a Canucks fan. Darren Dreger (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) caps off the show with his perspective on the Garland trade rumblings as well as the NHL coaching carousel and if the league will tinker with the draft lottery to deter teams from tanking.

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