March 8, 2022

March 8 2022 - Patrick Johnston, Jeff Paterson & Gregg Bell

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Patrick Johnston of the Province and Post Media joined us in his regular Tuesday slot. Says that this is the way you want to see teams play. With the exception of the game in Jersey, the others were thrillers. Talked about what Miller and Bruce could have been chatting about on the bench. Thinks there is a trust factor there with player and coach. His one to one people skills are quite evident. That’s probably all it was. Two guys, there, who like hockey. That’s what they could have been talking about. Talked about Jake Virtanen. He has a court date scheduled for tomorrow. Talked about the specialty jerseys that continue to be home runs. 

Jeff Paterson joined us and right away pointed out the interesting schedule right now that has the Canucks with a few days off. However, looking forward to the Habs in town tomorrow. Talked about the majority of this home-stand being against out of conference opponents. Looking forward to getting back to normal, hopefully next year. Talked about what JT and Bruce could have been talking about. Talked more about JT Miller. Agreed that there is a bit of Kesler in him. Not always in a good mood but that is being human. Talked about Quinn Hughes saying this is the best team he has been on. JPat was a bit surprised because there have been some good stretches. Talked about the Habs and the troubles they are having getting offence from the d-core. They are last in the league, by a lot. Talked about the specialty jerseys. 

Our Seahawks insider, Gregg Bell joined us on the day Russell Wilson got traded. Started off with a mea culpa after 2 years of saying this would never happen. Talked about Drew Lock. They have the resources to go out and get a better one than him. Could see a guy like Pete Carroll picking up DeShaun Watson but the moral and legal issues that would come with that, Gregg can’t see it happening. Thinks that Kenny Pickett will be the first QB to go, hand size be damned. Gregg is still trying to wrap his head around a 70 year old coach going through a rebuild. Hawks now have 35 millions more in cap than they did yesterday. Thinks that they will go out and sign Metcalf now. Talked about Noah Fant and Shelby Harris. Talked about the Broncos that Seattle didn’t get. Thinks that someone would have back up a bigger Brinks truck. Talked about how the 12’s are feeling. Says they are not happy. They are not ready for the rebuild.

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