March 4, 2022

March 4 2022 - Morgan Rielly (Toronto Maple Leafs), Rick Dhaliwal, Jeff Paterson, Shantelle Chand & Rob Williams

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Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman, Morgan Rielly joined Matt and Blake ahead of the Canucks visiting the Leafs on Saturday. Talked about the team and being where they want to be at the top of the division. Talked about maintaining focus during the regular season when they are where they want to be now. Important to keep focus in the moment, be present and take care of what they can as a group. When playoffs come around they want to be in a good spot on not worry about who their opponents are going to be. Talked about how to not switch it off. Any team in the league can beat you when you take your foot off the gas. No matter how good your game is, there are areas you can clean up. Unless you're the Lightning, there is always room to improve. Talked about the response by the room after being booed off the ice vs Buffalo. Talked about facing the Canucks after growing up here. Watched a lot of games, growing up. Was cool to play against the Sedin's his first few years. Says the novelty has worn off after 9 times last year. Talked about the budding war and the connection between him and Kyle Burroughs. Talked about how much he was thinking about 

Rick Dhaliwal joined the show in his regular Friday slot. Talked about JT Miller and the interest the Rangers have in him. There is no doubt every team would love to have him. Rick says the Canucks have no desire to move him. Agent says they are talking more about an extension. It would take one hell of an offer to pry him out of Vancouver. The best offer the Rangers will put forward will. be at the very last minute. Praised the patience of Rutherford and Allvin. Blake took issue with Rick reporting that agents have a problem with Canucks twitter. Rick fired back with keep the personal stuff out of it. Talked about some young stud defensemen that the Canucks are looking for. Bowen Byram is a guy that would need to come the other way for a guy like Miller. They need to get younger on the blue line. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake for the final time this week. Talked about who will be the better NHL player when it comes to Höglander and Podkolzin. Jeff is a firm Podz vote. Talked about the 180 in contributions from the next layer of offence. Talked about a night from Quinn Hughes that didn’t seem like much but still ending up with 2 assists. Talked about his reaction to hearing there hasn’t been much talk with the Boeser or Motte camps. 

Shantelle Chand, the new sideline reporter for Vancouver Whitecaps games on TSN, joined Matt and Blake to talk about her new role and a bit of a catchup. Said that when 1040 went down, it was a blessing in disguise. Talked about how the gig came up along the sidelines. 

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive joined Matt and Blake in his regular Friday slot. Talked about how you clean up the middle six and options that could be prime for moving on from. Talked about the story that Thatcher Demko told about being robbed at gun point.

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