March 31, 2022

March 31 2022 - Scott Rintoul, Jeff Paterson & Andy Dunn

Scott Rintoul, our Thursday regular, stopped by in his regular spot. Talked about the playoff race, essentially, coming to an end. Talked about EP40 and the feel in his body language and what kind of player that makes him. He can do things others in the league can not do. Talked about how the goalies will roll out the rest of the way. Thinks a lot of fans would be encouraged if Spencer Martin gets a chance. Talked about what it will be like for Canadian players and who they would want to play. As a fan, wants to see England. Talked about the offside rule in soccer.

JPat joined Matt and Blake in his usual spot. Talked about how the Canucks are just playing out the season after a loss vs the Blues. Talked about Conor Garland. Talked about Demko and the net he took his frustration out on. Thought the post didn’t deserve it. Talked about Brady Keeper and his timeline to return to the NHL. 

The President of the Vancouver Canadians, Andy Dunn, joined Matt and Blake as the C’s get ready to gear up for their first season in Vancouver since 2019. They are as excited as they can be to be back in Vancouver. They had to pick up and move to Oregon for last season to keep the franchise alive. Andy talked about the state of the Nat. There has been a lot of upgrades after not being used for so long. Just seeing the exterior painted really brings the stadium back to life. Talked about the changes that have been made to the franchise as far as MiLB is concerned. Talked about some prospects that could make their way through Vancouver. Talked about the response to tickets. Every full-season club has a difficult time selling tickets in April and May. Once summer comes, there will be no problem. 

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