March 3, 2022

March 3 2022 - Colin Miller & Scott Rintoul

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Our Thursday regular, Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake. Talked about JT Miller. Believes that his value won’t necessarily decrease as the deadline looms, Talked about Bo Horvat. Says his numbers aren’t for a lack of effort. The leadership changes with the times. Talked about Connor Garland. If this is a team that gets into the playoffs, this is a player that would show up. Talked about how the forwards should be deployed. Talked about the Whitecaps. Talked about the importance of hand size for QB’s. Says this isn’t a thing and it’s so much to do about nothing.

Whitecaps Colour Commentator, Colin Miller joined Matt and Blake ahead of the weekend clash vs NYCFC. Says the Caps have to be at their best vs the defending champions. We need to see more aggression and passion for the jersey. Talked about how they should deploy tactically. Thinks Hasal is going to be a good goalkeeper. Doesn’t think he is a defined number one keeper yet. For the most part he hasn’t let the club down. When you’ve had one of the top 2 or 3 keepers in the league then put a young lad in, it’s the deep end. Saying they need a better keeper isn’t a criticism of Hasal but someone with more experience wouldn’t be a bad thing. Talked about being a member of the only Canadian team to qualify for the world cup. Tony Waiters only took 18 players down and he was one of the four that were left in Vancouver. Talked about this version of the mens national team on the verge of qualification. This is arguably the most entertaining Canada side. Says the timing is good with other teams in the region being so poor. Talked about John Herdman. Says he is the best at detail. Working with him, you think you are going to war with how much preparation there is.

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