March 29, 2022

March 29 2022 - Patrick Johnston, Jeff Paterson & Ian Mendes

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Patrick Johnston of the Province and Post Media joined Matt and Blake in his regular Tuesday slot. Started off by talking about the microscope on different Canadian sport entities like gymnastics and bobsled. Also Rugby. Talked about Boudreau. If you are playing well, he will praise you. Otherwise he is pretty blunt and clear on what he wants. PJ thinks that this is a group who is comfortable with what BB wants. Talked about Garland. Talked about the roller coaster ride that following the Canucks brings you. Every day he doesn’t have to write about a game that doesn’t matter is a good thing. Talked about Brad Hunt.

Jeff Paterson stopped by in his regular spot. Talked about the struggles of Conor Garland and where he stands in this team at his production rate. Being the next layer of offence has just not happened yet. It’s not just him, only 4 forwards scored on the 4 game road trip. Talked about the length of term and what they are paying him and the rest of his contract. JPat is a little worried but he is a better player than he has shown in the last few weeks. Talked about the deal with ARI and if he would have a do-over. Says he wouldn’t have done it. Talked about Aiden McDonough and when or if we could see him with the Canucks. He has all the cards after deciding to go back to school for his final year. 

Ian Mendes of the Athletic in Ottawa joined Matt and Blake after the passing of Eugene Melnyk. Talked about the rapid decline of his health and who knew about it, after it seemed so sudden. He is a very complex character and to try to paint a portrait of such a complex individual is a challenge. To capture the compassionate, caring side while not forgetting the vindictive side is also a challenge. His type of personality didn’t seem to be a good fit in the city of Ottawa. Saw some dizzying highs and some very low, lows. Ian talked about all the star players who came through OTT under Melnyk. Says Eugene could turn on a dime. There were times he was very open with him and there were times where he was completely shut out. Ian wasn’t alone in that. Melnyk alienated a lot of people in a lot of different regions of the city. Says the two things he deserves credit for are stepping up and buying the team in 03, after players didn’t cheques to cash. The first 4 years are the greatest years of the team. Wouldn’t know what grade to give him as an owner, mostly because there wouldn’t be a team if it wasn’t for him. Talked about who the functional owner and operator of the team is. Talked about what Gary said about it, this morning. He mentioned his daughters by name. Not at all concerned about Quebec City being a replacement.

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