March 28, 2022

March 28 2022 - John Shannon, Jeff Paterson & Victor Montagliani

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John Shannon, of the Bob McCown Podcast and NHL Insider, joined Matt and Blake for his regular Monday appearance. Started off with the state of the Oilers after a drubbing by the Flames. Talked about EDM goaltending. They had no capability to go out and get one. John has news for Oilers fans. They won’t win the cup. John believes it will take 97 points to make the playoffs. Talked about Shorty and Cheech. Broke down what he would do, and who calls the game at the national level. Talked about what will be talked about at the GM meetings. Started with the energy that is teams working their way around the cap.

Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake to talk Canucks issues on this game day. Jeff says there is a belief in the room that has the guys thinking that there is still a chance. Blake poo-pooed that right away. Talked about the difference between home and road games for the Canucks. JPat said EP40 clearly needed those 2 games off. Talked about EP shot vs Dallas. Talked about Will Lockwood. Didn’t think he looked out of place. First time in front of a crowd with high stakes. Fine for the first 2 periods. Didn’t see a lot of action in the 3rd as it was a tight game. Talked about Shorty. Canucks fans were lucky to have so many other games going on Saturday to allow Shorty to call Vancouver game. JPat voting Canada wins a game in our poll question. 

Victor Montagliani, FIFA Vice President and head of CONCACAF, joined Matt and Blake following Canada qualifying for the World Cup. Says it was a great day to be Canadian yesterday and today after the greatest soccer moment in the country. There have been countless hours by countless people who knew we needed to change the conversation. Needed to change how we did business. That started 10 years ago. He talked about the bridge between the recent past with alumni and current roster players. Talked about speaking to the room after the win. Shared that he had a chat with mot of them 5 years ago. He held up his passport and said it’s the most difficult passport to hold in world football. It’s a mission to change this. Theirs on the field, and his off the field. Told the guys yesterday that that mission was accomplished. Talked about Herdman moving over the Men’s team. Says it’s fair comment to question that at the time. It had never been done. They spent 5 hours at Vic’s kitchen table going over everything. His attention to detail, his focus is 2nd to none. Knew that when he walked out of his house that evening that good things were going to happen. John started winning after day 1. It’s obvious how much the players revere him. Victor talked about what Canada being at the top does for CONCACAF. This is great for business. Creates rivalries and stars. There will be a lot of Canadian kids buying Canadian jersey’s. There will be a lot of kids around CONCACAF sporting Canada gear. Talked about how people know around the world that CONCACAF players are around. The top countries should not be scared of anyone in the world. Talked about when we will see the team in Vancouver. It’s the coaches decision. Say’s there will be opportunities for friendlies and Nations League. Talked about the World Cup draw on Friday. You just never know what can come off it. Will be

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