March 25, 2022

March 25 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Jeff Paterson & Rob Williams

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Our Friday regular, Rick Dhaliwal from Donnie and Dhali joined Matt and Blake to end the week. Wrapped up trade deadline. Says the Canucks weren’t willing to go to the number Motte was asking for. Every coach and GM that he has played for likes him. It was the business side of hockey. Talked about Allvin and if they were close to any other players. Talked about who the unsung hero is for the club. Talked about college free agents. Canucks weren’t in on Stevenson. Talked about McDonough. This is a player the Canucks want to sign. Thinks there is value in going back for a 4th year for development. Rick hasn’t heard there is any animosity between the two camps. He is at such a good clip, he was on the US Olympic Team radar. 

JPat joined for the final show of the week. Talked about the Canucks record in OT. They should have a better record. Not blaming Boudreau, JPat would put QH43 on the ice as well but he has been on for 6 of the OT goals against. Canucks don’t practice OT and they’re not alone. They should. Referenced the Dallas stars who have an extra 10 points. There is the difference. Jeff answered the poll question as too who he thinks has been the Canucks best forward, outside of JT Miller. Talked about the weekend game vs DAL. Thought Bowness was on his way out but has turned his fortune around. Talked about Will Lockwood. Excited to see him play. Good for him. Hopes he is plugged right into a game with playoff implications. 

Rob Williams, Daily Hive National Sports Editor, joined us in his regular slot on Friday to wrap up the week in social that was for the Canucks. Started off chatting about JT Miller. He has become a spokesperson for the team, either him or Horvat. Miller calling out effort is a very big indictment of the team, eluding to it twice. Didn’t cause much of an uproar in this city.

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