March 24, 2022

March 24 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

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Our Thursday regular, Scott Rintoul, joined Matt and Blake for a ranging conversations on a busy day in sports. Started off by chatting about the “ballsiest” effort by the Canucks in COL. Talked about the problem with officiating in the NHL. Answered the poll question by going off the board and saying it’s actually the difference between regular season and playoffs. Talked about the discrepancy in calls for 4th liners and star players. Talked about the week for Jaro Halak. Talked about Canada Soccer. 

JPat in his regular spot. Started off with talking about the effort in COL and wondered where it’s been all season. Talked about the remainder of the road trip. Glad that the team was able to overcome some bad calls last night. Happy that isn’t the narrative and final nail in the coffin. Talked about the effort of Jaro Halak.

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