March 23, 2022

March 23 2022 - Ray Ferraro, Jeff Paterson & Paul Dolan

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NHL Analyst and Host of Ray and Dregs, Ray Ferraro joined Matt and Blake to wrap up the trade deadline. Talked about Travis Dermott. Great skater. Ray talked about where he fits into an NHL lineup. Says he lost his place in the chain in Toronto. Will get an opportunity in VAN that he wouldn’t get in TO anymore. Likes him better on the left side. Wants people to be on their proper handed side. Talked about the move for Motte. Almost certain that nobody offered a 3rd rounder for him. Talked about how the Canucks could have handled the Halak situation better. Can only imagine what it would be like to be now thrown to the Avs. Talked about Luke Schenn and his value to the team at the cap he incurs. Talked about Brock Boeser. Says the PA would make a phone call as to what a new contract would be worth. Talked about what else Boeser brings, other than his shot and ability to score goals.
Jeff Paterson joined in his regular slot. Jeff has thoughts and prayers for Halak tonight in COL. Jeff says it isn’t fair to begrudge Halak for not waiving his NMC. The last 2 games, absolutely on him. Talked about some of the players that need to pick up their pace a little bit and generate some offence. Will require a couple of goals, at least, vs COL to make it interesting. Talked about Quinn Hughes and his point pace. Talked about where EP40 lines up. Wants to see him in the middle.
TSN Colour Commentator and former World Cup goaltender for Canada, Paul Dolan joined Matt and Blake on the eve of a potential world cup birth. Compared this generation to his generation. Said that when he played they just had hoped the 90 minutes would elapse. This team goes into a match to enjoy it and get the most of it. Talked about the form of players and how their league play won’t always carry over. Talked about the pitch in Costa Rica they will play at. Says it is the most friendly stadium they could play at. Talked about the actual pitch. It won’t be in the best state. Says at some point in every game they have utilized the quick counter to produce a goal. Talked about the temperature that could have an effect on the match.

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