March 22, 2022

March 22 2022 - Darren Dreger, Jeff Paterson & Patrick Johnston

Our Wednesday insider, Darren Dreger joined us on Tuesday to wrap up the trade deadline. Talked about the lack of star-power moving on deadline day. Talked about the DeBrusk situation. Obviously Sweeney didn’t get what he was looking for. Player is hoping he can have a strong finish to the season. Talked about the business the Canucks need to get to. Doesn’t know why VAN would truly entertain an idea of moving JT Miller unless they get an offer they like. Talked about the winners and losers of the trade market. Talked about the riff he started between Dubas and Davidson. 

JPat joined us ahead of a road trip for the Canucks. Talked about the new guys who made the practice debut with the team today. It was Dermott slotting on the left side with Hunt moving over to the right. BB says he only ever knew Hunt as a right side guy. Otherwise there wasn’t a whole lot going on. Talked about EP40 and the best way to deal with his wrist. Says there is nothing to the eye as far as tells that he isn’t walking at 100%. Curious about where Dermott slides into the lineup and how the PK will look.

Our regular Tuesday guest, Patrick Johnston, joined Matt and Blake for his thoughts on the trade deadline. Talked about Hamonic. Was a role player. Mostly not being leaned on for big minutes. Doesn’t surprise PJ that there are some people that are happy that he is no longer in the room. PJ talked about Brock Boeser and the difficulty that it will take to sign him.

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