March 22, 2022

March 21 2022 - NHL Trade Deadline Day

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Jeff Paterson joined us from the arena, right off the top, for his initial thoughts of the job that the Canucks did. Says the return on Motte was low for what this market had been talking about. There was some expectation that there would be some more fireworks along the way. But it is what it is. The heavy lifting is being pushed to the off season. Talked about the return for Motte. Talked about Brad Richardson.

The GM of the Canucks, Patrik Allvin, addressed the media after the trade deadline passed. PA talked about the trade of Tyler Motte and how they came to get a 4th rounder in 2023 for him. PA didn't really want to answer too much when it came to Boeser and Garland and if they were on the block at all. He says "no comment" on if they asked Halak to move his NMC.

Our NHL Insider, John Shannon joined Matt and Blake in his regular Monday slot. Said he enjoyed taking a step back and not having to have all of his devices going at one time. Talked about Dermott. Says he likes the deal for the Canucks. He could be a future quality player. Never a top pairing but a smart guy who can play the game. The question for him was if he is in or out of the lineup. Never what side he was playing. John wouldn't lose any sleep about losing Tyler Motte. Agents will tell you there are lots of guys who can do what he does all summer long. Talked about losing Hamonic. Was surprised how well he has been playing as of late. It probably upped his stock price. Talked about what the off-season could look like for this team. By the end of the season they will know and execute the plan. They'll know what to do and how to do it. Talked about the Dubas vs Davidson spat that played out on the podium. Says that Dubas will have to sit down with Jack Campbell now and tell him exactly what played out. Talked about the Wild and their cap situation. 

Jeff Paterson rejoined the show after all the deadline dealings finished. Told us that Richardson will wear 13 and Dermott with wear 24. Talked about what he took from the Allvin presser. He is understated, Jeff says, after he envoked the "no comment" more than he would have thought. Allvin recognizes they didn't check off a lot from their checklist. Talked about how the Motte dealings probably played out. Doesn't think it got close to an extention. Thinks that Halak could get the start against COL as a bit of an "oh you want to play"... Demko needs a rest. If it gets to 10 in COL... Talked more about Motte and how he worked his way into an everyday player in the lineup. 

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