March 2, 2022

March 2 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

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Talked about the TSN trade bait board. Talked about how Garland and Boeser moved ahead of JT Miller. In Garland, Dregs doesn’t think there is a rush to move him. Doesn’t know if the Canucks see him as a longterm fit. Sometimes you swap pieces and if you can shed some cap-space, there will be some interest from management. Talked about the status of Jake DeBrusk and Mark Giordano. Francis is hoping for a first rounder for MG. Talked about Hampus Lindholm. Thinks there is no rush to sign with the Ducks. He has earned the right to see what the market looks like. He will get paid a lot of money. Doesn’t know where they are at in negotiations. Dregs not buying that Verbeek will go out and trade him if a deal isn’t signed. He is a pretty good piece. Talked about Ovechkin and his ties to Putin. It’s distasteful to all of us that his insta avatar has Putin in it. Talked about how his reputation could be tarnished by this connection. When we start diving into the corners of personal lives, it gets a little dicey. Says it will be the federal governments that have to step in if players are to be removed from their teams through this occupation. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us in his regular spot. Talked about line combinations going into the blender. Talked about the New York Islanders and how they stack up. Talked about Canucks on the trading block. Understands why Garland would be a bit peeved to hear his name. Talked about the culture of this team. This year, as in other Covid years, is tough to gauge. If you want to talk about leadership troubles, the easiest way to address is to ship the captain out.

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