March 18, 2022

March 18 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Jeff Paterson & Rob Williams

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Our Friday insider, Rick Dhaliwal, joined us ahead of a back to back weekend and trade deadline. Talked about his fighting with Thomas Drance. Talked about JT Miller’s agent getting into it on Canucks twitter. Talked about Canucks on the block like Garland and Schenn. Weighed into the NHL and who else could be on the move. Says this week has been quiet but it’s starting to pick up and will see a lot of activity on the weekend. 

JPat joined us in his regular slot to break down the game against the Red Wings and look ahead to the weekend that will be for this club. Was an entertaining game with much to talk about, even after a 1-0 game. Not ready to call the loss a death blow. What it does is again, removes another margin of error. They do have to get better over the final 20 games than as good as they’ve been under Boudreau. Need to take their game to a higher level. Highlighted the PK as an overarching part of their game for if they come up short. Says their home games have also been a place where they needed to be better. Talked about the Boeser miss in the 2nd. You can like some of the players and the person but that doesn’t mean they have been good enough. Highlighted Boeser and Garland. Would have expected they should be at 55 combined but are at 31. Set up the weekend, starting with a visit from Calgary. JPat answered the poll questions from today. 

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive joined in his regular slot to end the show on a Friday. Talked about the trade deadline and who could be on the move. Talked about Garland. Talked about Canucks firing their organist. Not officially fired but there hasn’t been any organ playing the last 4 games. Sounds like a directive from above. Talked about all the event that are coming up in the city. Highlighted Nat Bailey with more games after moving up a few leagues.

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