March 17, 2022

March 17 2022 - Scott Rintoul, Jeff Paterson & Chris Gear

Our Thursday regular, Vancouver Sportscaster, Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake in his regular slot. Talked about the Canucks winning games despite peak Demko. Talked about who he sees getting moved at the deadline, league wide. Talked about who the Seahawks could be targeting. Don’t see them going the Mayfield route. 

JPat joined us in his regular spot. Tells us that it’s possible to go to bed in a playoff spot. It’s absolutely crazy to think of when you think about where they were. You are required to scoreboard watch on a nightly basis. JPat doesn’t see a way that Motte with be here by noon on Monday. Talked about Thatcher Demko and his usage. We don’t fully know where his breaking point is, if you want to use that term. Talked about the run of form lately for the Red Wings. It’s not good… Talked about agent twitter with Miller’s agent chiming in. 

Former Canucks AGM and Daily Face Off Contributor, Chris Gear joined Matt and Blake to talk about the upcoming trade deadline and what it looks like on the inside of an organization. Says it’s weird to be focused on 32 teams, rather than just one. Talked about a few of the deals that have already happened. Talked about the Canucks. Says they have some choices to make with Motte. He is a bit of Swiss army knife. Talked about Boeser. They could reverse salary arbitrate if they want. Lots of options. Current management are very capable. Players take teams to arbitration all the time. There is nothing wrong with it even though it doesn’t happen often but Chris thinks it's a viable option. Talked about Vegas. Talked about Edmonton. Goaltending has been a little better. They made a trade for Kane earlier so they may not want to tinker too much. If you have McDavid and Draisaitl, you need to make the playoffs. So Holland might be feeling it a little bit.

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