March 11, 2022

March 11 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Jeff Paterson & Rob Williams

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Our Canucks insider, Rick Dhaliwal, of The Team joined Matt and Blake in his regular Friday slot. Thinks that the plan for Rutherford is to clear some cap space. They can’t go into July with no room. Not a ton of pressure on this team with UFA’s. Motte is the only one. If the trade deadline comes and they are only a point or two out, it’ll be hard to move someone. Says that Motte is part of the best 4th line in hockey. He is in line for a raise. Rick doesn’t see him accepting less than 2 million. Would be surprised if the Canucks and Pens didn’t make a trade. Talked about if Allvin would have been frozen out of discussions while he was on his way out of PIT. Talked about Jaro Halak. Talked about potentially moving Myers. Clearly looking like Miller won’t be moved. Seems like both sides would like to give it the old college try and get a deal done in the summer. 

Our Canucks Reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us in his regular spot. Talked about who he thinks the better player is when it comes to Ovi and Jagr. Talked about how exciting the next few days will be for the team. Talked about Canuck players that could be up for awards this year. Even if they don’t win, at least they were in the conversation. Doesn’t see enough runway for JT Miller to make it into Hart consideration. Talked about moving out big contracts that don’t belong to members of the core. The problem is guys like Myers play and play a lot. Talked about the 30 goal scorer, Brock Boeser that everyone believes he can be. This new management group has to be happy with the way he has played since the coaching change. 

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive joined Matt and Blake for his regular Friday social hit. Started off by chatting about Rogers Arena moving to a maskless policy. As close to normal as we’ve felt. Noted that it was pretty much 100% compliance in the concourse. This will be the first reintroduction into a maskless society. Talked about when we could see some of these special jerseys for sale or on the ice for the game. Talked about Bure’s association with Putin.

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