March 10, 2022

March 10 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake in his usual Thursday. Answered the poll question and if the season has been salvaged, despite the team potentially not making the playoffs. Talked about what he thinks we will see at the game tomorrow when Ovi gets here. Thinks there will be more of a positive support for Ukraine, rather than negative energy for Russia. Could also see him move past Jagr for 3rd all-time in goals. That will bring a different energy. Said that Boeser got the big night he needed. Talked about Allvin saying the phone hasn’t rung as much as he said it will. Talked about Wilson to Denver. Said he set the table for it last year. If you didn’t think him getting moved was a possibility, you were kidding yourself. Surprised they didn’t get an A player back for him. A lot of draft capital but he was the best player in the team’s history. This is a litmus test for getting it done in the draft. Addressed rumours of perhaps Brady to San Fran. Not discounting it completely.

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us after a late affair with MTL. Doesn’t know how Habs won 7 of 8 coming in after the way they looked last night. Questioned Marty St. Louis and his tactics with pulling the goalie. Talked about Boeser’s game. Talked about the scoring from the back end. This is the 12th time this season that they have reached 5 goals. 10 of those 12 have come under Boudreau. 7 of them have come since the all-star break. Can’t say the season has been salvaged. They went all in on the moves last year for playoffs and they aren’t there yet. The team hasn’t lost back to back games since the middle of January. Talked about the reception Ovi will get.

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