March 1, 2022

March 1 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

Our Tuesday regular, Patrick Johnston joined Matt and Blake. Talked about the loss last night. Realistically on this road trip the Canucks need to win 3 of 4. The question is, can you now pull it back together against the Isles. They really are on the edge right now. 27 games left to go and they need 35 or 36 points. Talked about the deployment of the top 9. Talked about the handling of Halak. He has had a really rough go. Surprised they didn’t try to do something more with Spencer Martin. 


Our Canucks Reporter and one half of the Rink Wide Show, Jeff Paterson joined us. Talked about the game vs New Jersey. So much focus on Halak today, he wasn’t good but his problems didn’t start until the 2nd period. Called out OEL for a dreadful blind pass up the middle. Talked about the handling of Halak. Thinks that you could have made a compelling case to start Demko back to back. There were better start options in other places. Talked about Höglander. Wonders if he could benefit from a few games in Abbotsford. 

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