June 9, 2022

June 9 2022 - Scott Rintoul, Nathan Rourke & Jeff Paterson

Scott Rintoul joined for his regular Thursday hit. Scotty talked about the quality of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Dove into what could be with the Tampa team and if the are passing the buck to the Av’s, as the Islanders did to the Oilers in the 80’s. Scotty talked about the BC Lions home opener. Between the three of them, they wondered if there might be too much going on in the stadium that might result in people leaving early.
The starting QB for the BC Lions, Nathan Rourke, joined Matt and Blake ahead of their home opener on Saturday. Nathan talked about the spectacle that will be the day with the concert and game and how much fun it will be to play in front of that many people to start the season. Nathan talked about the weapons they have on offence and how he will untilize the tools given to him.
Our Canucks reporter, JPat, joined for his daily hit fresh off his Rink Wide road trip. Jeff talked about if there is need for a new third-line centre, in answering out poll question. Jeff talked about a coaching shuffle that could see Brad Shaw move on. Would put him as a long shot to get a head-coaching job. It shows that the Blackhawks have seen the work he has done over the course of his career.

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