June 7, 2022

June 7 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

Patrick Johnston of the Province joined Matt and Blake for his regular Tuesday hit. Patrick addressed the latest NHL coach to be fired, Bruce Cassidy and if the Vancouver Canucks made the right decision to keep Bruce, rather than test the market for all the available coaches. Patrick talked about his latest story in the province, where he talked to Daniel Sedin about what his role with the team with be, moving forward.

Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake from the Rink Wide Golf Trip in Kelowna. Jeff offered his thoughts on an available Bruce Cassidy. Jeff mentioned that this is now a buyers market for a lot of qualified coaches. In last night’s Rink Wide show, the guys talked about potential UFA targets. JPat not positive that any of them will be able to fit within the Canucks system.

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