June 30, 2022

June 30 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Don Taylor

Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Jeff for a rundown of the last week. Scotty talked about the 3 Vancouver Canucks that are going into the Hall of Fame. Told the story of how Roberto Luongo rose to prominence, not only on the ice, but on social media as well. Scotty talked about the Canadian Quarterbacks taking over the CFL.

Donnie Taylor of Donnie and Dhali joined Matt and Jeff in place of Rick who is off sick. Donnie gave his thoughts on J.T. Miller and if he is long for the Vancouver Canucks. Donnie isn’t exactly sure what the Canucks will do with their 15th overall pick. Says that the Canucks are venturing into unknown territory but gets the feeling they want to accumulate picks. Donnie dropped a little nugget as to where the Vancouver Stanley Cup parade would have been.

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