June 3, 2022

June 3 2022 - Atiba Hutchinson, Don Taylor & Rob Williams

Don Taylor, Vancouver broadcast legend, filled in for his showmate, Rick Dhaliwal today. Donnie talked about the good old days of hockey through the 70’s and 80’s and how today's game compares. Had to get a word in about old numbers and who the best Canuck to ever wear number 4. You’ll want to hear the old reference that Blake drops on Donnie, that even impressed him.
The senior statesman on the Canadian Men’s Soccer team, Atiba Hutchinson, stopped by the show with the squad in Vancouver for a pair of matches over the next few days.
Rob the Hockey Guy, Rob Williams joined Matt and Blake to talk about the busy social week that was for the Vancouver market. Rob talked about a revamp of the BC Lions cheer squad and gave us an idea of when Vancouver might see viewing parties, again. Also a few words about the haircut that shocked the market.

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