June 23, 2022

June 23 2022 - Nadia Popovici & Scott Rintoul

Nadia Popovici, who saved the life of Vancouver Canucks assistant trainer, Brian ‘Red’ Hamilton joined Matt and Jeff to talk about her NHL Awards Presentation. Nadia talked about the trip she had to take just to get there as well as what she most enjoyed about the experience and what is up next for her in her medical journey.

Scott Rintoul chatted with Matt and Jeff in his regular Thursday slot. Scotty ran through our gauntlet of Kuzmenko poll questions this week and offered his thoughts on them. We dove into the Stanley Cup Finals where he talked about why the Avalanche have such a huge lead over the 2 times defending champions. Scott wondered aloud if there will be a more coveted FA than Nazem Kadri and why he will be so popular.

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