June 23, 2021

June 22 2021

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Big show, with BIG breaking news, as moments before the show started the Vancouver Canucks announced that the Sedin twins are joining the front office as special advisors to the general manager.

The Welcome Matt focuses on just that, questioning just what their role will entail, and whether this is just another attempt at improving the organization’s poor public image. 

Arizona Coyotes insider Craig Morgan follows to explain what’s happening with Oliver Ekman-Larsson and the Yotes, stating that time looks to be catching up with his performance. 

Our Tuesday Canucks insider Harman Dayal follows Hashtags - the best and worst in Twitter, and talks about the Sedin’s joining the front office and wonders if they’ll take more of a role with the player development in Abbotsford, why he thinks that Ekman-Larsson is still a quality defenceman, just not an $8 million dollar player, and why he feels that JT Miller would be a good option to play third line centre for the Canucks.

The Price is Right looks at how positive the news of the day was yesterday, when Carl Nassib came out as the first openly gay player, playing in the NFL, and Laurel Hubbard who will become the first transgender Olympic athlete that will compete in the games. 

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and praises the Sedin hiring, stating that he thinks the twins will help immensely with developing young prospects, and that their contacts around hockey will be an asset for the organization.

Sekeres racks up another sizzler on Hot Take. We wrap the show with all the Errors & Omissions. 

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