June 16, 2021

June 15 2021

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We’re back in the blanket fort and we got another big show with loads of big giveaways for Father’s Day.

The Welcome Matt takes a look at the offseason that is ahead for the Canucks, comparing it to the summer of 2011 when the team had some of its top free agents to lock up, just as they do this summer with Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes.

Nathalie Rees follows with some great prizes that you, the podcast listener, can win. Text (778) 402-9680 to enter.

Harman Dayal joins after Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and gives his opinion on what the nickname should be for the Canucks AHL franchise that is headed to Abbotsford, whose contract could be a comparable for Pettersson and Hughes’ extensions, and whether or not he thinks the Canucks should be worried about offer sheets.

Jeff Paterson follows Tell Me I’m Wrong and tells us that he thinks the Abbotsford team should use the Aviators as their nickname, why he thinks the Matt Barzal contract is the right comparable for the Pettersson extension, and why he doesn’t see the Canucks trading JT Miller.

Another spicy edition of Hot Take follows. We finish off the show with all the Errors & Omissions. 


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