June 14, 2022

June 14 2022 - Nathalie Rees, Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

The 'Welcome Matt' on the 2030 Indigenous led bid.
Nathalie Rees stopped by the studio for The Short List. She announced a few special contests that will be rolled out this week through the @sekeresandprice social channels. If you want to make fathers day that much more special, you’ll want to hear it!
JPat, our Vancouver Canucks reporter, stopped by for his daily chat. Today, talking all things Stanley Cup Finals. Jeff described why the Lightning are the team of the decade, with some nuggets that you probably haven’t heard before. Switched over to the Canucks after that.
The 'Price is Right' on a new deal for the MLS.
Patrick Johnston joined Matt and Blake for his regular Tuesday hit. Our first chance to talk to PJ about a country club room. He gave us his answer on our poll question.

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