June 1, 2022

June 1 2022 - Mike Komisarek, TC Carling, Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

TC Carling of the Canadian Men's Health Foundation joined Matt and Blake to promote their podcast, 'Don't Change Much' which premieres June 7. First off, talked about his days working in hockey PR and the excitement that the playoffs bring to that department. Talked about the new hires that have been brought in. Mentioned that the Sedin children are mid to late teens now and the kids that they will be helping on the ice aren’t much older than their children. Talked about ‘Move for your mental health’. It’s a month-long event and the goal is to drive awareness. The reality is that 72% of men in this country are unhealthy. The good news is that 70% of chronic illness is preventable. Guests will join their podcast every Tuesday. Talked about the roster of guests.
Jeff Paterson, our Vancouver Canucks Reporter, joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot. First talked about the Memorial Cup going to Kamloops. Talked about Game 1 of the WCF. Didn’t see an 8-6 game to start the series. At some point, you think you’ll see some saves. That didn’t happen. Talked about the off-side. The tag-up rule wasn’t written for a mini dump-in, of sorts. There are smart people that can reword the rule. Give the linesman some credit. He did his job. The shot from Makar was an absolute laser. There is nothing this guy does that isn’t at an incredible level. Thinks there is room for EDM players to get better. If you give up 47 shots to the Avs on a nightly basis, it’ll be a quick series. Talked about NHL rules. In answering the poll question, JPat would go with puck over glass but he thinks it’s high time to get rid of the trapezoid.
One of the newest members of the Vancouver Canucks Player Development Department, Mike Komisarek, joined Matt and Blake to talk about his new job. Talked about how it all came about. Had heard his name was on the list of Cammi and Ryan Johnson and talks started from there. The more he talked with them, the more excited he got. Saw the importance and the value of the role. Likes the work and the process of taking them from the draft to the NHL. Thought this was a good opportunity to get his hands on a Stanley Cup, which he never got as a player. Talked about how he heard that his name was on the list. It’s a small hockey world. Everyone is looking for a job to prove their worth. Talked about what he will bring to this job. He was a first-round draft pick, came into the NHL and quickly figured out he wouldn’t be on the PP. Wants to help the kids establish good habits. This team has tremendous resources. Didn’t talk to anyone in the MTL organization when he was drafted by them. These days he will build a relationship with the kids right away. Talked about working with the kids while they are playing for their respective CHL teams. Has to be genuine. Talked about the advice he will give to kids. Talked about Quinn Hughes. Talked about his bond with Chris Higgins.
Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake from Denver. Talked about Game 1 of the WCF last night. Said everyone left the building a bit punch drunk. Even the Avs weren’t happy. They know they have to be better. Talked about the goals we saw in the game. For the most part, the stars showed up. It was punch, counter punch. Not minutes but seconds later. Talked about the off-side rule. Said that Ken Holland had a look in the video replay room before the media and he completely understood. Talked about the new role for the Sedin twins. Thinks that this is a solid plan. The IQ they bring is off the charts. Why wouldn’t you want them as close to players as possible, especially at the American league? Talked about Travis Green. Says that a number of teams have reached out to him. Talked about the Dallas Stars and their coaching search. Everything will fall after Barry Trotz. It is muddying things up a little bit. Hasn’t stopped GMs from having conversations with other candidates.

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