July 8, 2022

July 8 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Cam Robinson & Patrick Johnston

Cam Robinson, our prospects insider of Elite Prospects, joined Matt and Blake from the draft floor. Talked about the haste of Day 2 compared to yesterday and years past. Talked about the Canucks’ picks where they mined for good value. Started chatting about their 3rd round pick… Elias Pettersson… Cam says it might have been his favourite pick, who he had at 45. Talked about the kind of player he is with NHL upside. Cam ran through the rest of the Day 2 picks by the Canucks. The guys talked about what changes we could expect to see in the scouting ranks of the club.

Rick Dhaliwal, our Friday Canucks insider, joined Matt and Blake with a ton of things to talk about. Starting with the trade that may or may not have been brokered between the Vancouver Canucks and the NY Islanders. Rick says that according to his sources, there were no conversations. The matter is over for him, because of that. Rick talked about how big a part of the team Miller is and wonders why the Canucks would want to get rid of a player like that. Rick told us that Vancouver Giants representatives were there in Montreal to meet Lekkerimaki.

Patrick Johnston of The Province joined Matt and Blake from the draft floor in Montreal. After “commenting” on the current internet outage, the guys got on to chatting about there not being a J.T. Miller trade.

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