July 8, 2022

July 7 2022 - Cam Robinson & Jeff Paterson

Cam Robinson of Elite Prospects joined us fresh off the Canucks first round draft pick for his immediate thoughts. Cam talked about the success Jonathan Lekkerimaki had playing with men in the top Swedish league. Cam says he arguably has the best one-timer in the draft. Says that he might rely on his hands a little too much when it would be better to move the puck up. He likely fell because he is a straight winger and not much of a chance to move into the centre. Cam took is best guess as to when we will see him in the NHL. To finish, Cam gave the guys the chance of him coming to the Giants as they own his CHL rights.

Jeff Paterson, our Vancouver Canucks reporter, joined Matt and Blake fresh off the Canucks pick at 15th. Starting off with how surprised he is that J.T. Miller hasn’t been moved yet. Believes that there will be a trade sometime this summer. Jeff gave his thoughts on the trades that actually did happen. Jeff talked about how cool it would be to see him in Abby with a stop at the Langley Events Centre but his JPat gets the feeling he’ll stay in Sweden and see where it goes from there.

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