July 5, 2022

July 5 2022 - Cam Robinson & Scott Rintoul

Cam Robinson, of Elite Prospects, is back with Sekeres and Price as our draft analyst, as he joins us throughout the week. Cam updated us on what he thinks NHL teams are thinking when it comes to drafting players from Russia and Belarus. Cam gave his thoughts on what could be done with the 15th overall selection and who would fit into the Canucks system.

Scott Rintoul jumped onto the show today, from his regular Thursday spot. Scotty gave his thoughts on the new Brock Boeser deal and how it’s a fresh start for him. Scott thinks, for the sake of interest, Miller will be moved. The three talked about what could happen to Bo Horvat and what the rumblings around the league are. Finishing up, Scotty talking about the early success of the Lions and Whitecaps.

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