July 28, 2022

July 28 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

Scott Rintoul joined us for his regular Thursday hit from the beaches of Tofino. Right off the bat Scotty shared his thoughts on the 25 year anniversary of the Canucks signing Mark Messier. In relation to our Bodog Poll Question, it’s not the worst move in Canucks history. Hear what Rintoul has to say about that and an interesting juxtaposition to another Canucks trade that worked out in the team’s favour. Scotty went around the BC sports landscape after a big win by the Whitecaps and what we’ve seen from Nathan Rourke. The win was massive on a Thursday night.

Our Vancouver Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson, joined Matt and Blake in his daily spot. Starting off with our Bodog Poll Question, Jeff gave his answer, to which there was no doubt in his mind. JPat talked about what Messier was like to deal with as someone who was covering the Canucks. Jeff talked about the defensive depth and where Tucker Poolman fits into the plan with new management.

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