July 22, 2022

July 22 2022 - Ian Furness & Jeff Paterson

The ‘Welcome Matt’ on a J.T. Miller trade that may or may not happen. That feeds into the Bodog Poll Question that has a number of options who could be traded straight up for the 99 point player.

Ian Furness of KJR Radio in Seattle joined Matt and Blake to chat about the incredible run the Mariners are on. He couldn’t start without getting a little dig in at our friends, Donnie and Dhali. Ian talked about how the Mariners will stack up when the Seahawks get going. Ian gave his odds on the chances of the M’s landing Juan Soto. He explained that Seattle is not a small market, the 12th largest, in the country with plenty of major corporations. Finishing it up, the guys talked about the Kraken and how they are set up for the future. Ian warned that this team better have it figured out by the time the NBA gets there.

The Price is Right on a “struggling” Nathan Rourke of the BC Lions.

Our Vancouver Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson, joined Matt and Blake to end the week. So naturally we started off talking about the Lions. Jeff talked about the schedule and how it’s done the team no favours in gaining any momentum. Moving along Jeff answered a question posed to him that would see the Canucks acquiring Matthew Tkachuk. When you hear it, you will have no doubt as to what will happen. Jeff gave his best assessment of what a Bo Horvat contract would look like and how the dominoes would fall with the rest of players that will need to be signed in the not to dim and distant future. JPat was puzzled by the AHL Canucks schedule and some puzzling, baseball like, series.

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